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"There's nothing in the country that's quite comparable..."

This article appeared in Outside Bozeman and was written by
Mike St. Thomas

"Wayne Freeman leans back at the outdoor table, wearing sunglasses in the bright August afternoon. He looks relaxed for a man whose brainchild is on the verge of breaking national ground just a few miles west of Bozeman. Freeman is the director of landscape architecture at CTA Architecture Engineering, the largest and oldest architectural firm in Montana. His project, called Amsterdam Village (ViaVerda Ranch), is slated for development on a 350-acre parcel between Amsterdam and Churchill. The community, which will extend south and west from the intersection of Amsterdam and Churchill Roads, will be a first for Montana- a strictly green, planned subdivision. 'There's nothing in the country that's quite comparable.' Amsterdam Village aims to be the 'greenest subdivision in the U.S.' "
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Organic Farming: Tools and Practices
From the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, written by George Kuepper and Lance Gegner

The tools and practices of organic agriculture include traditional alternatives - crop rotation, manuring, liming, etc. - long recognized as important to a sound production system. They also include more contemporary practices and materials that research and keen observation over time have contributed. The following list of tools and practices is not intended to be comprehensive, though the primary options are addressed. Note, too, that each farm operation will employ its own combination of tools and practices to build a working organic system. There is no simple cookbook formula for combining them in ideal proportions.
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